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In the valley of the Campania Apennines, of volcanic origin, is the city of Avellino, being part of the geographical historian of Irpinia, it has no access to the sea but has a great variety of mountains. The highest mountain is the Terminio with its 1806 meters on the sea level, also known for its ski resort. One of the great tourist attractions of Irpinia and Avellino, is the Irpinia cuisine with gastronomic tours where you can taste typical products such as: Caciochiato, a semi-hard cheese made with cow’s milk. The chestnuts of Montella and Trevico, the Porcini Mushroom, and many others. The area of Avellino and the whole of Irpinia is known nationally and internationally for the production of wines. In Irpinia we find historical wines from historic cellars, producing high quality Italian wines, such as: Fiano di Avellino, Taurasi, Greco di Tufo, Coda di Volpe. Vineyards of Greek and Roman origins, and carried on with passion still today by the winemakers of Irpinia.


Greco di Tufo, one of the white Italian wines produced in Avellino that lends itself to aging. Greco di Tufo is a white wine with an alcohol content of eleven and a half degrees, with a dry, straw-yellow flavor. Greco di Tufo belongs to a vine planted by the Greeks in the first century A.C., a wine very suitable in dishes based on fish, seafood and fresh cheeses.

Fiano di Avellino can be vinified only in the province of Avellino, the land for the production of Fiano di Avellino is clayey and is very important for the ripening of the grapes. The origins of this wine are Greek, it was the Greeks who planted the Fiano vine for the first time in Italy.

Red Taurasi is a DOCG wine produced in the province of Avellino, has an intense ruby color and a dry and harmonious taste. The red Taurasi is subjected to a mandatory aging of 3 years before drinking, and for at least a year it is aged in wooden barrels. Taurasi has pre-Roman origins, and the name derives from Taurasia a small wine-growing village of Irpinia.

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