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My Italian Relatives

Discover Italian Roots

My Italian Relatives

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Discover Italian Roots

Many are the American tourists with Italian origins that on the occasion of their vacation in Italy, want to visit the village where their grandfather, great-grandfather and parents were born.

Between the end of the nineteenth century and the first decades of the twentieth century, seven and a half million Italians embarked on ships bound for America in search of work and a change of life. A decision taken with courage leaving friends and relatives, abandoning homes and properties to offer a better future to the future generation.

Many Italians especially from southern Italy have had the courage to face a long journey with the ship that left from the various ports of Italy for America, many of them in their own land carried out craft work, such as: Shoemaker, Mason, Baker, Barber, Farmer . Etc .. Etc .. Many have carried out the same activity in America, and others have changed their way of life by opening activities such as Pizzerias and Restaurants.


My italian relatives – Visit of Atrani

This will be an excursion day full of emotions, I often spend a day with my clients discovering their origins and it’s nice to see their own faces amazed and happy to find:

  • at the registry office at the municipality the dates, names of relatives, complete families with names and surnames of the grandparents’ brothers and sisters,
  • finding the address where they lived,
  • the main square and the church where they were baptized

I am the first to feel emotional and immerse myself in this special day for you.

The important things to start our research, is to be aware of the full name, surname, and at least a date, which can be, the date of birth, baptism, marriage. So when we go to the town hall and ask for information at the registry office, we will be able to find what you are looking for, and maybe even get to know some cousins.

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